The Shell Trial, 2022

Part A: Living

Over the span of 30 days, I carried out an experimental art project of cracking an egg every day and recording the shells’ broken pattern.

The Shell Trial is an experimentation and exploration of daily routines. Each egg that is cracked will result in a different broken pattern that cannot be replicated, but is derived from the same action. We can perform seemingly identical actions every day, yet there will always be some degree of variance each time the actions are carried out.

The process of this routine and the records of the differences within such monotony is a dedication towards the absurdity of living and a recognition of time passing. This work aims to prompt questions regarding the fundamentals of living and one’s willingness to commit to those repetitive behaviors.

Part B: Living in Excess


Part Il of the project is a PDF file containing an arbitrary analysis of the data generated from the record of the 30 days. This work targets the trending need to translate all behaviors into quantitative data for generating predictions, as if we needed the evidence of data to prove our existence. It comments on this trend using monotonous data of egg eating behavior to implicate the absurdity of this need. It also comments on corporations, academia and research of their pretentiousness that shield data and labor waste. By participating in this process, I am also complicit.