I Decline to Answer: Part I, 2022
Audio 5m31s

Form: Research-based audio collage
Participants: 11 art students
Method: 20-30 minutes interviews
Topic: Artist identity
Content: Collaged fragments of interview recordings

Through collaging, I recontextualized the content through editing to build a narrative that reflects my perspective as the main participant.  The work invites listeners to embrace the inevitable discomfort of confronting one’s identity and struggle, and process the dissonance of our insecurities spoken aloud.

By structurally converging multiple people's recorded thoughts, I am blurring the lines between self and others, emphasizing the existence of a collective.

I Decline to Answer: Part II, 2022
Collaborative Drawing

This collaborative drawing workshop visually translates the audience's reaction to the audio - a therapeutic process of listening and freely sketching. A sense of community and support derived from building one illustration together, mirroring the collaging of people’s voices.

Ah Young Shin
Annie Tembest
lain Mclellan Bastidas
Jade Yoon
Enzo Li
Timi Shogbola
Connor Dillman
Nahoko Komatsu
Raina Jung
Emile Meunier
Alkesh Parmer
Adam Knight
Nathan Francois