they said my anxiety looked pretty, 2023

This is a series of long exposure images of the subjects moving freely through a projected video of my fine line pattern illustration. The compression and overlays not only apply to human and light, time and motion, but also the conflicts of the inner selves, all of which come together to reflect upon the struggles of stagnation against the seduction of a comfort zone.

The drawing started as a meditative doodle - an automatic translation of the subconscious onto pen and paper. Unconsciously, the illustrations were drawn by adhering to a strict set of made-up, repetitive rules. It hints at arbitrary limitations we set for ourselves, when in fact we do have the power to change the rules.

To Be Absurdly Authentic, 2022

If confusion, anxiety and nothingness underlie our existence, how do we find contentment? This photo essay portrays the narrative of hopefulness and freedom that comes from accepting the absurdity of human existence, redefining what existentialism means to me.  

The narrative, inspired by a bewildering psychogeographic walk, depicts the inevitable human experience of conflicting emotions coexisting coherently.

Reflecting the absurdity that formulates authenticity, this series emphasizes an uncertainty of transition from one state of mind to the other, like the transition between spaces via staircase.

I Decline to Answer: Part I, 2022
Audio 5m31s

Form: Research-based audio collage
Participants: 11 art students
Method: 20-30 minutes interviews
Topic: Artist identity
Content: Collaged fragments of interview recordings

Through collaging, I recontextualized the content through editing to build a narrative that reflects my perspective as the main participant.  The work invites listeners to embrace the inevitable discomfort of confronting one’s identity and struggle, and process the dissonance of our insecurities spoken aloud.

By structurally converging multiple people's recorded thoughts, I am blurring the lines between self and others, emphasizing the existence of a collective.

I Decline to Answer: Part II, 2022
Collaborative Drawing

This collaborative drawing workshop visually translates the audience's reaction to the audio - a therapeutic process of listening and freely sketching. A sense of community and support derived from building one illustration together, mirroring the collaging of people’s voices.

Ah Young Shin
Annie Tembest
lain Mclellan Bastidas
Jade Yoon
Enzo Li
Timi Shogbola
Connor Dillman
Nahoko Komatsu
Raina Jung
Emile Meunier
Alkesh Parmer
Adam Knight
Nathan Francois

The Shell Trial, 2022

Part A: Living

Over the span of 30 days, I carried out an experimental art project of cracking an egg every day and recording the shells’ broken pattern.

The Shell Trial is an experimentation and exploration of daily routines. Each egg that is cracked will result in a different broken pattern that cannot be replicated, but is derived from the same action. We can perform seemingly identical actions every day, yet there will always be some degree of variance each time the actions are carried out.

The process of this routine and the records of the differences within such monotony is a dedication towards the absurdity of living and a recognition of time passing. This work aims to prompt questions regarding the fundamentals of living and one’s willingness to commit to those repetitive behaviors.

Part B: Living in Excess


Part Il of the project is a PDF file containing an arbitrary analysis of the data generated from the record of the 30 days. This work targets the trending need to translate all behaviors into quantitative data for generating predictions, as if we needed the evidence of data to prove our existence. It comments on this trend using monotonous data of egg eating behavior to implicate the absurdity of this need. It also comments on corporations, academia and research of their pretentiousness that shield data and labor waste. By participating in this process, I am also complicit.

Re-Education (It’s all Arbitrary)

What we know today might be false tomorrow. We create most of our reality based on a mutual understanding of aspects of this world. Who is to say what is ultimately true or false? Perhaps the only thing that confirms our reality is our beliefs.